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OutSystems 10

At OutSystems, our single focus is to give you the most advanced low-code development platform in the world and our team has been working day and night (fueled by excessive pizza and coffee) to do just that.

OutSystems 10 is a breakthrough release - we combined the incredible speed of low-code development with the most advanced enterprise-grade mobile features. Pixel-perfect UX, easy integration, secure offline, one-click deployment and a lot more. The result is some amazing technology and we can’t wait to see what you will build with OutSystems 10.

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Cross-Platform Native Experience

Mobile apps generated by OutSystems 10 leverage an entirely redesigned underlying architecture, fully optimized to run on mobile devices with top performance, zero delays, and the smoothest transitions and animations. Build once - run anywhere, with a single code base that can be deployed on iOS and Android platforms.

Server-Side and Client-Side Logic
Server-Side and Client-Side Logic
Client-side logic is cached and pushed to the device, eliminating communication overhead
Database and Local Storage
  Database and Local Storage
Offline data is modeled with local storage entities that can be queried just like a relational database
An app executing a server-side action continues to run and respond to user input
UI elements update immediately when the data they are bound to changes

Ultra Smooth UX

For months, we researched and analyzed 56 of the top mobile apps to dissect the “best of the best” and then applied what we learned to OutSystems 10. The result was 64 widgets, the latest JavaScript and CSS technology, ultra-smooth responses in less than 80 milliseconds, and beautiful themes.

You now have everything needed to not only build amazing mobile experiences, but also add unique touches with custom code.

Beacons and Sensors and More... Oh My!

Need to add a sensor feature to your app? How about accessing the device camera or calendar? With OutSystems 10, any device-native capability is just a drag-and-drop away with an almost limitless world of components for you to use. Jump right in and leverage the huge out-of-box library, build your own, or access an ever-growing selection of open-source and Forge components.

Off the Grid? No problem.

OutSystems 10 makes one of the biggest challenges facing mobile developers easy: offline apps. Now you can develop mobile apps that run seamlessly no matter what kind of connectivity your users have. With support for offline data caching, complex offline data access and synchronization patterns and everything in between, you can quickly deploy apps that go everywhere and perform great.

How About a 3 Day Vacation?

We’ve just added a lot more free time to your calendar. OutSystems 10 includes a bunch of time saving features that make testing, deploying and updating your apps a breeze. One click takes care of deployment, even preparing the installation package for the App Store or Google Play... just add your developer certificates and you're done. Update your app later? Not a problem. OutSystems makes it easy to update your app automatically over the network without having to re-submit anything to the app stores.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Reduce your backlog for mobile app development now and empower your developers to do more with the skillsets they already have. All they have to do is drag-and-drop components, a world-class UX, device computation business logic, and complex device data models into the development environment. Then, they generate their mobile apps for submission to the store with one click. Develop and deploy the kind of mobile once thought only possible in Silicon Valley.

Experience the Speed

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